Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: Along the Watchtower by David Litwack

A Tragic Warrior Lost in Two Worlds...
The war in Iraq ended for Lieutenant Freddie Williams when an IED explosion left his mind and body shattered. Once he was a skilled gamer and expert in virtual warfare.  Now he's a broken warrior, emerging from a medically induced coma to discover he's inhabiting two separate realities.  The first is his waking world of pain, family trials, and remorse--and slow rehabilitation through the tender care of Becky, his physical therapist. The second is a dark fantasy realm of quests, demons, and magic that Freddie enters when he sleeps.
In his dreams he is Frederick, Prince of Stormwind, who must make sense of his horrific visions in order to save his embattled kingdom from the monstrous Horde.  His only solace awaits him in the royal gardens, where the gentle words of the beautiful gardener, Rebecca, calm the storms in his soul. While in the conscious world, the severely wounded vet faces a strangely similar and equally perilous mission--a journey along a dark road haunted by demons of guilt and memory--and letting patient, loving Becky into his damaged and shuttered heart may be his only way back from Hell.

                                                                    My Review:
When LT. Freddie Williams comes home fro the war in Iraq after an explosion leaves him broken, the first kept him in a induced coma, when he make up he lives in two world, reality with lots of pain, family and disappearing from his brother, and the dead of his men. And a fantasy world with magic, demons and Rebecca. 
Both sides are nicely worked out, they both had twists and turns and great characters. the story lines work nicely next to each  other, When Freddie has a success then so does Frederick. in reaity he also had his  Therapist Becky and Rebecca in the fantasy both the help Freddie/Frederick, Often simulair names in both sides. I really enjoyed this book, it shows you some of a wounded military mind and how to deal with it, fantasy world is understandable when you want to forget the pain and sorrow in real life. It is a great book that family and friends of war veterans need to read for sure.

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