Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Review Too Close To Home by Tressa Messenger

Too Close To Home by Tressa Messenger

tooclosetohome-croppedWhen the body of a beautiful and popular senior head cheerleader, Melissa Cooley, is found brutally stabbed to death at the local high school it sends the small coastal community in North Carolina into a frenzy.
To make matters worse…another body is found.
A slacker boy by the name of Ronald Marks is found hanging from the field goal post on the football field only a day later. Pamlico County native Detective Carma Jones, and her partner Harold Green, set out on a search for this ruthless assailant who is wrecking havoc in a normally peaceful community.
No one is safe and everyone is a suspect.
The twists and turns along the way lead them in a direction Carma would’ve never guessed. One filled with deep secrets that were meant to stay buried…
                                                 My Review:
When a quiet small town in North Carolina is shaken up with two brutal teenage  murders, it is up to detective Carma and her partner Harold to find who did it. They set everything aside to find the killer, talking with friends and family. when they get some closer to find the killer, Carma is attacked in her own home, they think they came to close, then Carma find something out that shocks her and her whole world collapse. Will she resolve the murders or is there more? You will have to read that for yourself. It is worth it, can't wait to read more from this author.

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tressa-2Tressa Messenger grew up in a very small town in Eastern North Carolina called Reelsboro in a coastal county called Pamlico. Being as it was such a small area Tressa developed an immense imagination at a young age. That is where she harnessed her love for writing.
To date Tressa lives in New Orleans Louisiana with her husband, daughter and an assortment of critters.
As of right now Tressa has nine books published, some self-published and some being published through Limitless Publishing.
As a young writer Tressa has overcome adversity of Dyslexia and continues to exceed expectations.

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