Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: Rescuing her Honor by Johnny Ray

Noella thought they had stopped the stalkers, and several corrupt governmental factions who wanted her to step down from being a judge. That is until the treats reappeared. Vance, her bodyguard turned fiancĂ©e also thought so. But then again, many secrets are still hidden deep inside a safety deposit box in Switzerland. While going to receive Vance’s inheritance in Zurich could be a dream vacation for this now engaged couple, who only want to work out some serious conflicts in their wedding and careers, sinister politicians and crooked cops have other plans waiting for them in Europe.
This is the much anticipated follow up novel to HER HONOR’S BODYGUARD. Since the reviews were great, and the fans were demanding more, it was a great novel to work on, including a trip to Zurich where the novel unfolds.

My Review:

Johnny Ray did it again, another good book of his hand. The book picks up with Noella and Vance who have found happiness again with each other. Before they go to Switzerland to finalize his inheritance, Noella's father throws them an engagement party at the country club.
Noella receives a weird phone call and is sure it is her stalker. Her party is ruined.

Vance hopes that their short vacation in Switzerland will give them a break. Vance can't shake the feeling someone follows them, will they ever be safe? Then after a nice night, Vance waes up to be told Noella had been  kidnapped, she is not next to him and all her clothes are gone\ the rest yourself. go buy the book. I loved the description of Switzerland and recognized the spots the author meant, also the food, omgosh I miss visiting there. Very exciting thriller romance for sure. Can not wait reading more from Mister Ray.

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