Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review Mice by Kfir Luzzatto

Book Description

 October 24, 2013
The third story in the Dave Callaghan supernatural detective series (for the first two stories see "Phantom Lover").

“Where the hell are they coming from?”
When Frankie asked a question, it always sounded like he was placing the blame on someone—me, in this case. Instead of answering, I squashed the white mouse that had just climbed out of his coffee cup. The mouse had the consistency of putty and felt like it; no bloodshed was involved in the squashing.

Dave Callaghan is a PI specialist in Paranormal cases, One day a MOB boss asks him to help with a mice problem. not just mice mind you but ectoplasma mouse that can speak.
Dave is soon totally in the case which brings surprises and unexpected help from a ghost.
He finds out that the mice can't tell him much, but after a visit with the cornflakes oracle he knows a secret that will make the mouse talk. He finds out that there is more to it all.
Will he be on time to safe the girl that makes the mice? 

Very cute story but adult not so much kids, unless they are YA

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