Thursday, July 11, 2013

Review Wilted Wings by Shadow Stephens

Book Description

 May 9, 2013
Power, greed, and envy fill Damon and Ilisha’s world. Their hope of settling into a life of peace and family remains out of grasp. Damon is kidnapped and forced to stand trial for the death of his father while a breed of hybrids designed to destroy all angels is set loose. With no choice but to leave her earthly mother and baby behind, Ilisha struggles in a world of high politics and family feuds. She must become an ultimate warrior to save her husband and both the worlds she loves.

My Review

This is the second book in the Broke Butterflies series, I loved the first, and this was a good follow up!! When Damon is kidnapped to stand trail, Ilisha fights against so many things politics  hybrids, demons. She leaves her child with her earthly mother and does everything in her power to make thing right, She tries to protect Earth that is swapped with Hybrids  half angel/half demon, and finds out what is at stake and who are behind this all.
Will she be on time and safe heaven and Earth and will she have her husband again?? Sorry you have to read that outcome yourself. I highly recommend it and hope Shadow will write more!

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