Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review: The Divine Temptest by Herrick Erickson-Brigl

Book Description

 May 15, 2011
The Divine Tempest is a no-holds-barred fantasy brawl. It begins when the God of Justice and Retribution opens The Abyss and unleashes a vengeful demon upon the mortal realm of Therra.

Now it is up to scholar Penndarius Greyson and his tormented protector, martial artist Soren Luna Mortalitas, to stop a crisis that would send shockwaves through the very fabric of creation. In addition, Penndarius is waging an internal battle with a disembodied presence attempting to possess his mind. The two heroes must avoid death or capture, but there is a catch: They have only one day to solve a riddle older than history before a dark host of unstoppable demons is released into the world.

The Divine Tempest includes warring factions, betrayal and redemption, and of course, Herrick Erickson-Brigl's trademark: epic fight scenes. This is the lean, hard-hitting first installment in a series that follows Penndarius’s growth as the avatar of the God of Creation and Soren’s reclamation of his lethal family’s humanity.

What a great book, I loved every minute of it and read it in one sit.
I easily reads and is quiet unique in it's kind. I loved the twins! they stand for what they believe and not afraid to show it.
They have a big guest to do and also to learn more about them self during it. Good written fight scenes make it a total worth reading.

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