Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Interview and Review, book 4 in the King Series: Endless by Tawdra Kandle


1. How did you come to writing?

I began writing very young, probably as a way to express things with which I struggled, such as my family's frequent moves and adjusting to new schools. I stepped away from fiction for a number of years, but in 2008, I began writing a story that had been percolating in my mind for some time. That was the beginning of The King Series!

2. Do you prefer to write Paranormal?

I find paranormal fairly easy and enjoyable to write, but I wouldn't say it's a preference. I don't like to label stories; genres can be very limiting. I tend to believe that the paranormal is part of our lives all the time. Sometimes we just don't see it. So even a 'straight' story might have a touch of whimsey or something unexplained in it. 

3. Can we expect a other write style from you? (like, thriller, romance etc)

At the moment I am working on a contemporary romance, which was completely unexpected, but the story dropped fully formed into my lap. Next will come book one of my adult series--and it is in fact paranormal, but much lighter than what I've written so far. My New Adult books are also paranormal, but they will have a little more of the thriller in them. I've been tempted to try horror a la Stephen King, but nothing has presented itself yet. We shall see! (OH--and I have an apocalyptic book lurking somewhere too, but that will be a 2014 release.)

4. Why are there always girls on your covers and not just nature or animals?

That's very interesting. Well, when it comes to covers, I share a little bit of my vision and then let the experts make the magic. Tasmyn is of course the central focus of the books. I like her evolution in these images; she goes from looking a little mystical and almost lost on the first cover to standing with Michael, looking toward the future, on the final book. Nature IS a part of the series, and there is some allusion to it, in the form of the lake and the woods. . .but no animals! Hmmm, we'll have to think about that for some of my other books. . . 

5. Do you like to cook and what?
I do love to cook, and I am so excited that the heroines in my next two books are cooks. Jude in THE POSSE owns a beach front burger joint, and Jackie in the Jackie and Lucas Books is a food writer. This means I get to research while in my own kitchen. I cook just about anything except for fish (I am a landatarian!). Italian is big in my house; I married into an Italian family, and they taught me well. I bake, too, but not that often anymore, as I have very talented daughters who handle most of that. My favorite dish to play with right now is risotto. It takes patience and attention, but it always pays off. YUM!

6. Thank you for this interview, anything you want to share with us still now?

Just a huge thank you for your support of The King Series, and an invitation to see what's next for other characters from King! Cathryn will be the main character in my short story in ETERNAL SUMMER, an anthology coming out in June.  And Rafe and Nell will have their own books respectively in The Serendipity Series. Keep reading!


I Love the King series, every single one of them. My favorite character is Marly, who is how I imagine Tawdra, but that besides.

In this Book Tasmyn and Michael both go to the same college, they have had rough times but seem to come to peace there. Till...... Kathryn talk her into a organisation who train people with special gifts to help others. Kathryn even invites her parents and Marly to come and talk. Her parents believe it is a good thing, Tasmyn will be helped controlling her powers and in meantime help people.

Which is a good thing since Tas gets on fire and heat up a bit to much when with Michael.
There she meets Zoe who really seems to understand Tas and helps her.
Tas gets jobs and likes helping people. One day she is asked to help Nell's father who is accused of murder his girlfriend. Things are not what they seem to be,........ Another fabulous story in the king series, I loved it and read it in one sit, only little minor point is that I felt the end was a bit hurried. GO buy it the whole series you won't regret it.

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