Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Three Saints Christmas by Beverly Lein

Book Description

July 24, 2012
In this adventurous and compelling fictional story it takes St. Joseph, Gabriel, and Santa to get a family all together for Christmas 1866. From a stalking cougar, to a wolf encounter, to a little girl falling into a hole in the ice, and other crises, this story keeps the reader turning its pages.

Deep in Peace River Country in northern Canada, five children have been allowed to stay home on their own for what is supposed to be a three-day period while the adults leave for a town 45 miles away in bitterly cold weather. Brittany, a capable and mature 11-year-old, has been left in charge and is delighted by the prospect of taking care of her sibling and her three cousins.

However, a serious life-threatening accident with the horse and wagon occurs with dire consequences. Fortunately, the children are being watched over from above by St Joseph, Gabriel the Angel, and Santa Claus. The characters in the story are based on real-life children and adults, and make perfect sense to anyone who believes in saints, angels, miracles " and Santa Claus.

The Three Saints of Christmas is a story for children (from 5 to 95). The Three Saints will appeal to anyone who has an active imagination and the desire to explore the meaning of Christmas though fantasy and a non-traditional approach. This delightful story will appeal to children as well as adults young and old, around the world.
Perfect book  for this time a year. it shows us the true meaning of Christmas, before we bought insane expensive presents, before all overdone food. This will open your eyes and see a very brave eleven years old Brittany who takes care of her sibling and three cousins, what was suppose to be a few days, became longer because of a terrible accident/ She fights hard to keep it going, it is in early 1800 no luxury, house,. animals and wood fires. Thank God for them three Saints notice them and they do all they can t keep the kids safe and bring the adults back.
It will even leave a tear in your eyes, I love the characters they are well written. It is a great book to read with, or read by younger kids. It will put you back down to earth. 

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