Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: Elsa by Simon Gandossi

Book Description

 July 19, 2012
Elsa Baum dreamed of moving away from Germany a country she had
watched everyday being dragged deeper into war by Adolf Hitler.
Everyone was under his spell, listening and believing in everything he told
them. Elsa and her close friends were the exception, they despised the Nazi’s
and were soon to learn the extent of their hatred towards others they considered
a threat to their ideology of the perfect superior race. After a chance meeting
with the daughter of a high ranking Nazi, feelings developed and she found
herself a part of the minority the Nazis were trying to eradicate.
“I don’t want my story to inspire people nor make them sad; I want it to educate
them because hate, homophobia and racism still exist today, and although
the chance of another event like the Holocaust is rare; the world will never be
rid of the foundations that cause hatred among us.
— Elsa Baum"

My Review:

Elsa Baum was a German girl in WWII she lived her life and did not know much from the bad side of the war. till she meets Raina. They hate Hitler and all he stands for. Elsa falls in love with Raina which was more dangerous in that time, since Hitler besides Jewish people also hated Homosexuals.
They were not careful enough and got caught, the ended up in camps.

This is a new look on it because who would think that a daughter of a Nazi General would end up in a camp, it was a hard n cruel live. General Vogel and his wife do everything to get Elsa and Raina set free from their horrible      
life inside that camp/ They manage to get Raina back to Elsa.
The commander of the camp refuses to set them free and hand them over to General Vogel, at the end someone is set free, who it is and how it goes after you have to read for yourself
I highly recommend this book, especially when you like history.

Apart from this book, I knew from my Grandparents how the war was for people, my parents are war children, my grandpa was in a camp too. So when I still lived in my country I heard a lot about this.
This is however the first time I read about a high placed German militair's daughter and from her point of view. Thanks for this, sad my dad and grandparents can't read it anymore.

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