Sunday, March 4, 2012

Final Price by J Gregory Smith

Book Description

August 21, 2009
Buying a new vehicle is a big decision, but frustrated sales associate Shamus Ryan makes it a matter of life and death. He unleashes a rash of killings that wraps the Wilmington, Delaware region in fear. The homicide cases fall to State Police Detective Paul Chang, formerly with the NYPD. Never Chinese enough for his domineering mother, yet too different to be accepted as traditionally American, he's spent his life straddling two cultures. From a young age, bullying in New York's Chinatown gave rise to a vigilante-inclined alter-ego he calls "The Dragon." His ex-partner, Nelson Rogers, is his closest friend and biggest burden. Always a misfit, Nelson left the NYPD following a nervous breakdown. When the bodies pile up and the pressure mounts, Chang calls in Nelson to apply his uncanny insight that made the two an effective team in New York. Seen through the eyes of both the killer and detective, Final Price follows a car salesman's murderous rampage.

Paul Chang detective and the really disturbing car salesman Shamus Rayn.
Paul clearly between two worlds (Japanese & American culture) fighting to be accepted, he has a good way of thinking that leads him to this killer, a good story I read it in almost one breath .

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  1. The characters are very well defined and curiously interesting. The concept of the Chinese detective with hidden strengths he struggles to keep under control and his buddy Nelson who has the ability to "read" people and situations make a good story outline.