Friday, October 13, 2017

Release Day and Review: Mrs Dracula Several authors. Horror/thriller

Bound by blood.
Cursed for eternity.
She's worn out every welcome.
Bitten every hand that feeds.
But with a name like Mrs. Dracula, what did you expect?

Eighteen bestselling and award-winning authors spill secrets about this lady of the night just in time for Halloween. Tales of titillating evil, supernatural events, thrilling mystery, and historical horrors, or rather, proof of the vampire's existence. 
Can you escape the bride of Dracula?

Get your copy and find out tonigh

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Love me some vampires!! To me really jumping out was Pauline Creeden's story. Mrs Dracula, the counts wife who fled soon after the wedding away from him. He is looking for her ever since, she seems to stay ahead of him. She is a woman with an anger issue, you will travel with her through her many years. When Dracula takes something very dear to her, he set something off in her which he might didn't wish for. Great series of books just before Halloween. I enjoyed it very much.

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