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Winter Wonderland Gift Guide

WWgiftguide2014Are you looking for some good reads for literary loved ones for Christmas? Pick yourself up a good read as well. Check out the Winter Wonderland Gift Guide from Literary Addicts for your book buying needs.
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Review: Damsel Not by Kristina Circelli

In the days of old, one knight fought to save the maiden he loved – a battle that ended in a bloody promise for the future.
In the days of the 21st Century, Izz doesn’t believe in prophecies. A recent widow, she struggles to find the passion that once fueled her life – a passion that is reignited the day a knight in disguise cuts into her life in a flash of swordplay and seductive grins.
Izz doesn’t want to love him. The guilt of moving on nearly crushes her, yet she finds herself unable to resist the touch, the feel, the scent of the man who leaves her breathless with just one look. But each day Izz finds herself drawn to Cade, the more danger she finds herself in, for someone believes Izz to be at the center of an ages-old prophecy – and will do anything to stop it.
When threatening messages turn even more dangerous, Izz must rediscover a part of herself she’s never known before and fight to save her knight in shining armor. With only a sword passed down throughout the generations to guide her, Izz must prove to her adversary that unlike maidens of old, she will never be a damsel in distress.
Kristina Circelli’s first contemp romance with a slight touch of fantasy, for readers 18+

Buy on Amazon 

Great book, when you like romance this is a must read.
I Loved Izz a widow who is mourning her husband's dead, she locks herself up in her house, Her girlfriend won't have it they take her out and when everything becomes to much and Izz just want to leave fur awhile, she s surprise to find out that her friends dropped everything and go with her.
The go to a castle were they can dine and watch a knight show, the hero picks her to fight for, he is a very handsome man and Izz can't her eyes off him. Ater the show they can meet the knights chat some and make pictures, the knight Cade asks her out, she has her doubts but agrees. Will they and up together? Find that out for yourself

Monday, November 24, 2014

Release Day: A Date to Die for 5 - 7 boxset by Bonnie Paulson


Release Day - A Date to Die for: 5, 6, & 7: Dirty Twist, Check Mate, & Last Chance On Sale $.99!!

Don't forget to pick up A Date to Die for: 1-4 $2.99 Date to Die for: Series 

#1 When dating ends in deaths and threats, Molly might be better off staying single. During one of Molly’s weekly meet-ups with her girls at their regular bar, Molly succumbs to the duress of her two best friends and begins the aggressive dating they sign her up for online where the pairings are questionable… and dangerous. They’ve entered her in an evening of speed dating. But at the end of the evening she finds an item from her past that raises questions, grief… and danger. When the number of deaths surpass Molly’s goodnight kisses, her past pushes into the present and Molly loses much more than she gains. A stalker has focused on Molly and refuses to let anyone else date her. But she refuses to be single for the rest of her life. Is Molly doomed to a life of singledom wrapped in fear – or will the stalker turn on her.

 #2, Oh No, He Didn’t! Molly is ready to meet up with her first date – Crisco Ethan. But first she has to survive threats at work and fear at home. Will Brad-the-bartender make a move or flirt from afar? The stalker is closing in and Molly has a terrible feeling she won’t stay untouched for long. Can she lean on Brad or is her heart pushing her toward danger? 

#3 Dinner for Two Getting ready to message her next date, Molly comes across an email from the stalker that might tear her apart. The aftereffects swallow her sanity and she struggles to stay in the everyday while battling the knowledge that he can find her anywhere. Nowhere is safe. Is Brad as involved as circumstances suggest? Or is a man out there that wants nothing more than to keep her all to himself – dead or alive? 

#4 Don’t Look Back! At work, a special delivery slams home the seriousness of the situation. How many more lives will be affected by the man’s obsession with Molly? Molly’s stalker attacks close to home. Can she find safety? Can anyone? 

#5 Dirty Twist The stakes are high and Molly has learned how desperate her stalker has made her. Tormented with more kidnappings and deaths, Molly searches for answers in all the wrong places. Will she find what she’s looking for? Or will her fear continue to paralyze her, leaving her open for the ultimate end? 

#6 Check Mate What precautions can a single girl take to protect herself from a sociopath? Why, move in with the crush and bring his ass in to play the game, of course. Even with all the bravado, Molly still learns she has a lot more to lose. Can she come back from the turmoil? Or is she doomed to misery for the rest of her short life? 

#7 Last Chance In a desperate attempt to save someone she cares about, Molly faces her would-be killer. But who it is devastates her. If the killer has their way, Molly will die at their side. Can Molly escape or will she finally be on a Date to Die for? 

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane. Follow on: Facebook / Blog / Twitter / Goodreads / Newsletter / Literary Addicts / Amazon   

Malice Release Day Sale $99 TODAY and TOMORROW Goes up to $2.99

Malice full size

New Release!

Samara Cavanaugh has grown up in a world filled with magic users. She’s used to bizarre and peculiar. But when a stranger checks in at The Bella Luna, the bed and breakfast her family owns, the strange occurrences in Granite Falls escalate. Many people are leery of Levi, their new guest. He claims to be in town doing research but Samara’s friends aren’t so sure that his claim is as innocuous as it appears to be. When two of her classmates disappear, her friends seem convinced Levi had a hand in it. Those closest to her have been keeping secrets from her. Those secrets put everyone close to her in danger. Suddenly, her unrequited crush on her best friend, Tristan becomes the least of her troubles.

On sale for 99¢ until November 25th!

Price will go up November 26th to $2.99.


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Rogue Alliance by Michelle Bellon Free Day on November 21st

RA free day

rogue_alliance_250x375Rogue Alliance is free on Amazon - November 21st, 2014 ONLY

While still a child in Redding, California, Shyla Ericson killed her father to end years of abuse. She’d left town shortly thereafter, changed her name, and started a new life, eventually becoming a highly decorated DEA agent. But some history doesn’t stay buried. When Shyla goes undercover to bring down drug kingpin Victor Champlain, the case takes her back to a town that hasn't forgotten her, and to a past she thought she’d left behind. Then, she meets Brennan Miles, a genetically altered kidnap victim, who has been turned into a weaponized super-human. Victor helped Brennan escape from a hidden genetics research facility known only as The Institute, where he'd been held and experimented on for years. In return for his freedom, Brennan now works for Victor as his bodyguard. Shyla is drawn to Brennan's strength, and to his humanity. Even after she discovers his secret — he must have human blood to survive. Shyla knows she can’t take down Champlain by going through Brennan — he’s too strong — and he’s loyal to Victor.

Buy on Kindle FREE today only

Michelle Bellon

About the author:

Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her four beautiful children.. She drinks ungodly amounts of coffee and has an addiction to chapstick. She works at a surgery center as a registered nurse and in her spare time writes novels. She writes in the genres of romance suspense, young adult, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. She has won three literary awards.

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The Secret Journal of Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)

728x90_SleepyHollowSTATIC   The-Secret-Journal-of-Ichabod-Crane“I am Ichabod Crane, born in the year 1747. It seems this is the year 2013 Anno Domini, and I have been given new life—how, I know not; why, I know not. I will discern the truth—if, that is, I can keep my head.” In "Sleepy Hollow," a supernatural twist on Washington Irving's classic short story, Ichabod Crane has been pulled two-and-a-half centuries through time to find that he and detective Abbie Mills are humanity's last hope in the war against evil. Passionate, intelligent, and wryly funny, Crane has always used journals to collect thoughts and documents that may prove useful later, and The Secret Journal of Ichabod Craneoffers an unprecedented look at the battle also raging inside his fascinating mind. On the pages within, Crane shares new memories of the American Revolution; more amusing reflections on modern-day phenomena, from the Internet to Election Day; and private thoughts about Abbie, Katrina, and others. He also includes hidden case files; secret Freemason puzzles; selections from George Washington's mysterious Bible; and photos, letters, and drawings he has collected along the way. Filled with detail about past battles and vanquished monsters, as well as clues about those he and Abbie have yet to face, this journal is not just the ultimate repository for fans, but the key to Sleepy Hollow’s future—and the world’s. 

 Read a review on Taking Time for Mommy About the Author - Alexander C. Irvine has written fourteen books, including Buyout, The Narrows, and A Scattering of Jades, which won him the Crawford Award for best new writer. He was a finalist for the Campbell Award for best new writer and a Pushcart Award nominee for his short story “Snapdragons.” Irvine’s short fiction has appeared in the Vestal Review, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Alchemy, and The Year’s Best Science Fiction, among others. He lives in Portland, Maine. 

 Buy on Amazon / Randomhouse This giveaway is sponsored by Taking Time for Mommy Books, Movies, and More. You must be 18+ with a US address to enter. Ends 11/21/14 @ 11:59PM EST Fill out the form below to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review: Audiobook: Into the end by Bonnie Paulson

Into the End – Book #1
Rachel Parker in Into the End can IDENTIFY fear, she can DEFINE it, but she doesn’t feel it. Not anymore. Not since the tests.
Her inability to feel fear may be the reason why the rest of America is screaming in terror.
America’s end is near.
No one knows why, but the great country is under attack.
After being weakened by countless natural disasters, America opens its airspace for aid. But instead, what is left of the devastated west coast finds itself nearly obliterated from above. The key may belong to tests designed by a Pacific Northwest psychologist, Rachel Parker.
Rachel loses the love of her life in a house fire as they escape with their children to the nearby Rocky Mountains following the first round of air raids. In refuge, she faces her husband’s best friend, Joshua, but doesn’t want to face his ill-harbored feelings or her own inability to face fear.
Her sister, Brenda, escapes the fallen city, and, mistaken for Rachel, is captured. Terrified and alone, Brenda is protected by the enigmatic Daniel even while he helps keep her captive. Through torture and mind games, Brenda discovers information about her sister’s work that could spin the free world into a tumultuous frenzy where the unknown is safer than reality.

Purchase on Amazon / Barnes and Noble /Audible / iBooks

My Review:

When all signs point to the end of the America, there are so many natural disasters that the president opens the airspace so they can receive aid. That it turns out a big mistake could no one see.
Rachel Parker's and her husband are prepared, they have a place in the Rocky mountains, they pack up their children and go. When her husband wants to safe kids in a house he tells her that when he is not back in so many minutes to move on and that he will find them. While they wait the house explodes with her husband in it. Rachel needs to keep her self together for their three kids and goes into the mountains.

Once in their safe place her husband's best friend finds them and helps setting up. Rachel wants to keep him far away afraid that old feelings might take over. When Rachel;'s sister Brenda is kidnapped thinking she is Rachel it is time to fight back. it is a fast paced book, full with adventure and try to survive.
It is with evil brains that are determine to get Rachel to take over the world. You will surprise to find out who is behind this all.
I highly recommend this book to anyone, it is well written, strong characters and evil, evil enemies. I LOVED the narrator, what a noce soothing voice, he really draws you into the story. enjoyed it a lot
I can not wait to read the next book!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Guest Post: How to be Manly by Maureen O'Leary Wanket

When Fatty Matty Sullivan finds a self-help book by former football great Tad Manly at a yard sale, he secretly starts following the old pro’s advice to get in shape and get the girl. Summer goals: lose the milkshake weight, join the football team, and turn himself into the kind of guy super hot Cassie Bale will love.
But between taking care of his grandfather, trying to pass remedial Algebra, and getting caught up in his friend Jester’s half-baked weed-dealing schemes, Matty’s summer isn’t quite the game-changer he’d planned. When on top of it all his dad moves back in with his own plans to get rich quick, Matty suddenly has much bigger things to worry about than football and whether or not Cassie’s going to call him back. And it turns out that there might be more to being manly than he thought.
Maureen O’Leary Wanket’s debut is a sharp, comic novel about trying to do the right thing… even when you’re not sure what that is.

Buy on Amazon B&N | IndieBound

                                                        Guest Post:
“Manly Money”

One question I hear about my Young Adult novel How to Be Manly is, “How did you come up with the idea of the Santas?”

I do not intend to reveal a spoiler here. But let’s talk about money.

I love YA that is honest about what it feels like to struggle for money.  Melissa Marr’s Ink Exchange comes to mind.  Her main character has to work waiting tables for the money to pay for bills and food.  Teen Spirit by Francesca Lia Block also features a character whose life is thrown by death and poverty.  These are the stories that move me the most because the characters are maneuvering the real, even while their lives include faeries and ghosts.  These characters are bound by financial limitations, just like most of us who read their stories.

How to Be Manly does not feature the paranormal, but it does address poverty. My main character Matty’s life is also thrown off course by concerns about money. In my experience as a teacher, many young people are aware of their family’s financial concerns. Money problems are difficult for young people to face because there isn’t much they can do about them. Matty decides to take a huge money matter in his own hands in the only way he can conceive to get rich quick.  Except he isn’t even trying to get rich.  He’s just trying to get by.

In this post-Recession time, so many of my students tell me that they are shooting to earn academic or athletic scholarships to relieve the burden of tuition for their parents. I know young people who are major breadwinners for their families through their part time jobs. I value literature that reflects the experiences of a diverse group of readers. I mean, I am not shy about how much I love Holden Caulfield, but not all kids have the cash for NYC cab rides and hotel stays. The strugglers’ stories need telling too.

So where did I come up with the idea of the Santas? From my own family who has had to restructure and get resourceful during the Recession.  From families I admire who have supported themselves and their children through means creative and even subversive.

I also got the idea from the troublesome image of Santa himself, who brings plenty of toys to “good” kids, while on Christmas morning lots of poor kids end up with nothing.  I loved playing with the whole notion of Santa and making him on the side of a kick ass Grandma who will teach the men in her life a thing or two and above all else, provide.