Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Book Tour and review: Loves comes again, by Cristina Castilla


A billionaire with a broken heart. An artist with secrets.

Max Heinzman is a devoted friend, a brilliant engineer, and a man who longs for a family of his own. Now that his software company has gone public, making him a young billionaire, he should be focused on his future—only Max can’t stop thinking about the past and the one woman he truly loved. How can he move forward when his heart is with Alana? Alana Elliot is an artist with no time to paint and a family drowning in dysfunction. With her disabled sister needing constant care, there’s no time for love, even if she still pines for Max, her former husband. A chance encounter in a small town reunites Alana and Max, bringing secrets to the surface and re-opening old wounds. Will their love be strong enough to conquer the obstacles pulling them apart? 

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Cristina is new to the billionaire, small town, and cowboy genres. She hopes to make a splash in this new literary world by publishing "Love Comes Again" (a follow up to "Holiday Lights") and "Cowboy Blues" in 2020. To receive notifications for free books and new releases, please sign up for her mailing list below.

                                                          My Review:

Max and Alana are so in love and want to spend the rest of their live together.In an impulse they marry right where they are even if they still keep secrets for each other. Max is a billionaire and Alana is from a dysfunctional family. Max's snobbish mother steps in and tells Alana she will never fit in the family and force her to sign a annulment. Alana gets a call from her neighbor that she needs to pick up her disabled sister.

Jump forwards six years Alana moved to a small town she is working hard so she can take care of her sister. Max successful in the computer world opens a new office in the small town Alana lives now. Both longing for each other still, When they run into each other they are both so amazed what are the odds so far from home. The question is will their love be strong enough to start over???

Read for yourselves, The characters in this series are so real, so well developed, the book is a great story, I read it in one sit! that much I liked it.Hope you will too!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Age of Awakening Series Sale

Age of Awakening Series Sale $.99 each!
Immortal Dynasty (Age of Awakening Book 1)
Some dynasties transcend time and space.
Underneath urban Boston, an ancient Evil unleashes its dark legacy, feasting on human souls while it awaits the age of the prophecy.
Darius Alexander, expert antiquities tracker, doesn’t believe in the prophecies – until he helplessly watches his grandfather being carried away by demons. He tracks them back to their queen, but rescue plans change when an Egyptian statue comes to life and melts into his arms. Nothing is as important as saving his grandfather, but will this exotic goddess be a bargaining chip…or a secret weapon?
True power finds immortality in the bloodline.
Shaila a’k’Hemet, goddess of war and protection, awakens in a strange new world and breathes fresh air for the first time in over three thousand sun cycles. Her destiny is to protect the royal child of the prophecy, but she discovers the demon army is already growing. Her powers are weak– and the child is missing. Fate has dropped her into the arms of a human who has the skills to help her…but will he?
Immortal Dominion (Age of Awakening Book 2)
She craves freedom and life…
BASE jumper Jayden Hamilton fears the strange disease racking her body will soon imprison her in a hospital bed. Determined to make the most of the time her body has left, a jump from the Great Pyramid goes horribly wrong. As she drops out of her normal world and lands in a dark one filled with dragons and demons, she sees an opportunity. But it comes with a deadly price. In documenting the most extreme adventure of her life, she could be destroying the one man who can truly save her and set her free.
Others crave what lurks in her veins…
Deep in his cave, Seth Eanki is safe from the bloodlust which haunts him, though his self-imposed exile has left him bitter. When Jayden literally falls into his life, he dares to believe that destiny is offering him a second chance. But demons lurk in shadows even deeper than those he carries in his soul. In renewing his ancient vow to protect humans, he could be jeopardizing the life of the most precious one of all ? the woman who soothes the beast inside him.
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