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Review Resolve by Jill Cooper

The epic two book finale starts here. The stakes are higher. And the enemy is one of their own.
It’s all come to this. This moment in time. Everything Natalie Johnson has fought for.
Newly promoted paladin commander Natalie Johnson is about to bring the demonire tracking system online. If she’s successful Meadow’s Creek may finally be safe from bloodsuckers. If not, the egg on her face will be enough to make a gourmet omelet.
But when old friends and foes begin showing up in town under questionable circumstance, it’s clear something new is on the horizon. The murder of a prominent official threatens to cripple the brittle peace Natalie has brought to town.
Alternate realities and timeline jumps all converge revealing truths, deceptions and worst of all, roads not taken. Natalie must face her worst fears, her biggest regrets, and most of all a deep longing that nothing will ever be the same again.
Meanwhile a long sought after ally brings them all to the brink of madness. And his betrayal? Could be the biggest heartbreak of them all.
In the tradition of young adult vampire fiction such as Twilight and Buffy the Vampire slayer, comes The Dream Slayer.

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Natalie Is desperately fighting not to fail anyone, she tries to be a good leader, daughter, girlfriend.  Then the back and forth between real life and the dream world. Natalie is changing her happy easy going Natalie is gone, it is all getting serious. Question is will Natalie be able to keep it together and do what's needed?

I read the books I received in almost one breath what a great books, love the way Jill Cooper writes. I thoroughly enjoyed it, Hope I soon will read more from her hand, 

Review Regrow your Hair with your Mind by Kfir Luzzatto Ph. D.

Regrow Lost Hair and Restore Its Natural Color to Gray Hair – Do It With Your Mind
Do It With Words – No “Magic” Potions Or Lotions Needed
Do It With Words is a straightforward guide into the power of your mind. The author, a former skeptic, who reformed after witnessing how mind-body practices deliver tangible results, provides visual proof and a precise blueprint of the mind-body experiment in which he succeeded in his attempt to regrow lost hair and to restore its natural color to gray hair.
The book describes in precise detail how the author:
Regrew lost hair; restored its natural, dark brown color to his previously white hair;used self-hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation to achieve all results without the aid of any external preparation.
Editorial Reviews
“It’s a wonderful application of something that I have believed in for many years now – the power of mind over body . . . This technique is worthy of serious attention.” – Michael J. Hadfield, D. Hyp., MBSCH
“Kfir Luzzatto . . . has laid down a path for you to reach many goals traditionally considered difficult or impossible. I see Kfir as very much a visionary pioneer in the mind-body field. We are fortunate to read what he has discovered and reveals . . .” – Forbes Robbins Blair

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When I saw the title, I just laughed, even though I know you ca do a lot with your mind and feel better, I am a Lupus patient and I force myself t feel better often! But still I was reserved. The Author is very positive, he shows pictures of his progress and he made me a believer which isn't easy trust me, I haven't tried it yet myself but I will. It is a nice, positive read. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Excerpt: Whiskey Witches by S.M. Blooding

Detective Paige Whiskey comes from a long line of witches. They may not all be the most powerful, but they are outspoken and supportive of their community. She alone has no gifts. She can’t summon fire, can’t read minds. She knows the arcane. She’s studied it. That, along with her connection to the Whiskey Witches, lands her some pretty strange cases. Like the sacrificial murders of St. Francisville, Louisiana. There’s a killer on the loose, choosing people in a vain attempt to raise a demon. Not just any demon, though. A man born long ago, made a demon in order to protect the Gate to Hell. Together with demon hunter, Dexx Colt, her kitchen-witch grandmother, and her paranormal investigator brother-in-law, they unravel a conspiracy far bigger than a few simple murders, and re-discover Paige’s gift. She’s a demon summoner and she’s key to the killer’s plan.

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“Who are you?”

Dexx spared the cop a glance over Paige’s still form then proceeded to ignore the question as they 

cleared the front door. “Fanny,” he shouted to the owner of the inn who he’d been flirting with for the 

last two hours, digging for information. “Grab my bag.”

Alarm slashed across Fanny’s round face as she scrambled to her wide sandled feet. “What’s goin’ 


“Just grab the goddamned bag.” Paige was heavy. He’d carried her before. They’d gotten into a 

scrape or two in years past, but she’d never felt like a brick ton before. 

Did possession come with weight? How much did a demon weigh? 

The cop stopped him on the second-floor landing with an iron grip on his arm. “I need answers.”

Paige’s eyes shot open, the rich nut-brown gone replaced by pure black. A grimace twitched across 

her face. “This vessel belongs to me.” 

The words might have come from Paige’s mouth, but the voice had too many layers to be human.

That was the first time Dexx had ever seen a black man turn white.

Dexx got Paige into her room. Fanny shambled next to him, her grey eyes wide as she crossed 

herself. He removed his duffle from her arms and dumped Paige into a chair. 

He didn’t have everything he needed for a full-on demon’s trap. 

It could be something else. 

No. He rummaged through his bag. This was Paige. It was a demon. Couldn’t be anything else.

“What’s going on?” the cop asked through gritted teeth.

Paige stared at him with her jet-black eyes and smiled a sickly smile. 

Yeah. Demon. Dexx threw the contents of his bag onto the bed, then walked to the door. He 

scribbled a few, quick protective sigils on the wall with a Sharpie. 

“What are you doin’?” Fanny asked. “Is that permanent marker?”

“I’ll paint over it when I’m done,” Dexx muttered, moving to the windows. 

The cop watched for a moment, then took Fanny’s elbow, pushing her toward the door. “Don’t tell 

anyone what you just saw.”

“But I don’t even know what I just saw. What is—”

“There was a trap at the scene and Detective Whiskey was injected with a drug.”

“Oh, my God,” Fanny said, her hands going to her mouth. “Chief, is she gonna be all right? Don’t lie 


“She’ll be fine, Fanny.” He pushed her the final step out of the room. 

“I’ll call the doc.”

Dexx shot her a feral grin. “Did I forget to mention I’m a doctor?”

“She’ll be fine.” Chief White closed the door firmly in the woman’s face

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Pre-order Dictating Death by Bonnie R. Paulson


February 3, 2015
This book is not light reading. There are graphic scenes and there is not HEA. NOT intended for teens or young adults. Again, this is not light reading. Violence and craziness. You've been warned.
***Samantha wants to love him. Maria wants to kill him. Dr. Luke Lawson has no idea that the girl he’s dating has split personalities fighting to control her body. Samantha must keep Luke safe at all costs. If Samantha wins, Maria will die and disappear forever – taking Samantha with her. If Maria wins, Dr. Lawson will die and she and Samantha will move on to the next doctor – the next kill. But Luke is special. He could save Samantha from herself… but only if Samantha can save him.  

Visit at www.BonnieRPaulson.net Join my Survivor Newsletter 

***PREORDERS ONLY*** Will also receive the original publisher's version of Dictating Desire with Dictating Death. There is an HEA and the story is vastly different. Again PREORDERS ONLY.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Review The Banshee's Embrace by Victoria Richards

Jacqueline Huston has no idea what has been happening to her, but it started the night she was attacked by men with strange powers. While mortally wounded in the attack, Jacqueline knows she would have surely died if her husband hadn’t thrown himself into the line of fire. But being alive is little comfort when your husband is dead.
Ever since that night, Jacqueline has been strangely drawn to death for reasons she doesn’t understand. When death is nearby, she can see when it is coming for someone. However, it’s her urge to sing when she gets close to dying people that she finds most disturbing.
Toby Williams is a wizard and a member of the Brotherhood of Merlyn, an ancient order of powerful wizards. He’s been charged by an ancient order of wizards to keep an eye on Jacqueline. Half banshees are rare, and if placed in the wrong hands they can be a powerful weapon. As owner of Merlyn’s Bar, a place the lovely Ms. Huston frequents, it seems an easy enough assignment for Toby.
When a sinister wizard attempts to kidnap her, Jacqueline learns a frightening truth about her heritage, and her powers. Will she be able to use her powers to save Toby, the man she is falling in love with, or will her powers consumer her, causing her to lose everything she holds dear?
Book 1, The Banshee’s Embrace http://bit.ly/BansheesEmbrace
Book 2, The Banshee’s Desire http://bit.ly/BansheesDesire
Book 3, The Banshee’s Revenge http://bit.ly/BansheesRevenge

                                                               My Review:

Jacqueline was attacked a long time ago, a night that cost her her husband who tried to defend her. It left her badly injure but alive, and then there is Toby a wizard assigned to keep an eye on Jacqueline, who is a half Banshee, they can be very dangerous in wrong hands. A wizard tries ti kidnap her to miss use her powers, at that point Jacqueline realizes what happened to her and what powers she has, 

Loved this book, Jacqueline and Toby are great characters and the book held my attention from page one. Loved the twists and the humor in it too. Job well done!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Review: A groovy Kind of Love by Karen Wojcik Berner

Uptight British lit lover meets a free spirit at a book club and his world is turned upside down!
After placating to his father’s demands that he play Little League baseball and major in computer programming in college rather than his beloved English literature, Thaddeus assumed that several years into his career, he would finally get some peace and quiet.
Then he met Spring Pearson, the younger, free-spirited daughter of Hippie parents, at a book club meeting. Instantly smitten, Thaddeus finally worked up the courage to ask Spring out. But will an old college pinkie-swear promise Spring made fifteen years ago get in the way of this bibliophilic romance?
”A Groovy Kind of Love” is the third and final installment of Karen Wojcik Berner’s Bibliophiles series. Written as stand-alone novels, each book focuses on one or two members of a fictional suburban classics book club, revealing their personal stories while the group explores tales spun by the masters.

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My Review:

The story starts with five year old Thaddeus, who is on his way to get his first library card, he is so proud of it and he becomes a vivid reader. Thaddeus has a very dominant father who insists that Thad follows the family legacy with Baseball. Thad appears to be a very good pitcher and his dad being the coach of the little league demands a lot from  Thad, hen it almost cost him something important Thad and his mother stand up against his dad and refuse to play again. And then we meet Spring, spring is a sweet, but shy girl who is a daughter from hippies, they own a juice bar and even though Spring loves that, The rest not so much! Thad and Spring met at a book club.

Second part is where Thaddeus finally has the courage to off Spring help and from that comes a date and then Spring needs to chose, Thad or Joshua. Easy to read book, I like the story, I recognized so much of the stories in the book, it was fun, characters great and fun. I enjoyed reading it!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Review: Eclair Meets A Gypsy by M. Weidenbenner

Eclair Meets A Gypsy by M. Weidenbenner

Éclair Meets a Gypsy
M. Weidenbenner, Author
Melody Duval, Illustrator
Kay Kline, retired first-grade teacher, “A fun chapter book with just enough magic and reality. Adults will enjoy it too!”
Vie Herlocker, author and editor, “Funny...entertaining... Éclair resembles a modern-day Junie B. Jones.”
“Kid-friendly… page-turning fun… adventure with real-life challenges,” said Crystal Bowman, best-selling children’s book author and speaker.
Early Reader for girls first – third grade. (6-8 years old)
Eccentric Grandma Stella is taking in boarders. Not the kind that talk, but the kind that neigh. Horses. When seven-year-old Éclair meets the first boarder and its owner, a girl Éclair’s age who’s dressed like a gypsy, the girl says her horse can read minds and will cast a spell on Éclair. Does the horse really have magic? If so, maybe the horse could make Éclair’s secret wish come true.
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My Review:

Eclaire stays over the summer at her grandmother's Stella's farm, her grandmother is giving horses a home, when seven year old Eclaire meets Gypsy, they become good friends, Eclaire says Gypsy can read minds ad is magical.
The book is very good it is fun, has a little magic in it and will entertain many kids, I know I did with several with this cute book.

Reviews: first two books from John O'Riley's new series Wizards of Seattle


Episode 1 of the Wizards of Seattle Series

Jason wonders if his luck has finally turned around when he discovers he will inherit a luxurious home infused with ancient magic and a sizable fortune from a relative he’d never known existed. Of course, there’s a catch. His younger brother and his cousin will inherit equal parts of the inheritance and it is stipulated in the will that they must live together first before they gain possession of the estate. 
All three of them are potential White Knights with the rare ability to practice advanced white magic. They must learn to use their new power and defend themselves from a secret organization that is armed with potent, black magic. This novella is the first installment of the Wizards of Seattle series.
Available at AmazonBarnes & NobleKobo
Click here for a free book excerpt.

                                                                              My Review:
I adore John O'Riley's books, first series I read from him was, Grumpy old Wizards, now he has this new series, Wizards of Seattle. You will meet Jason he is a level 3 wizard, but has a gift that only level 6 levels have, there for he is not allowed to do everything and has a hard time finding a job. When he get almost killed he can't stop wonder why, but he soon will find out. Jason will also find a job and finally feels useful again. And then there is that aunt that passed away, whom he never heard off, Jason his brother and their cousin need to live in the house the aunt left them.


Episode 2 of the Wizards of Seattle Series
Jason has recently discovered his new category six wizardry was a result of a genetic experiment performed by a secret organization called the Ebullio. Now that he has broken free of their mind control enchantment, suppressed memories float to the surface and he remembers the terrifying abductions and genomic therapy that he and his younger brother, Benjamin, endured. Meanwhile, the Valituras have set their sights on Jason, unleashing powerful curses designed to kill him and his family. As Jason learns more about the Ebullio and the Valituras, he realizes that danger lurks behind every corner and the enemy could be hiding in plain sight. This novella is the second  installment of the Wizards of Seattle series
Caretaker is available at AmazonBarnes & NobleKoboSmashwords, and other book retailers.

My Review:

The second book picks right up Jason is so happy with his level six. He found out that a group used a experience on him by using mind control. Jason starts to remember the abduction of his brother Benjamin and himself and the therapy used on them. The Valituras are after Jason and try to kill him and his family! Jason realize that his enemies are closer then he thinks. 
A great start of the new series these two books, Love every second of them! and can't wait to eread more from John's hands.

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Avenge Book Blast

avenge blast banner Avenge-Redo full size
Tristan Johnson is not an easy guy to get to know. He’s quiet, shy, and borderline elusive. That never stopped Samara Cavanaugh from claiming Tristan as her best friend, her tutor, her longtime crush. She knows Tristan better than anyone. Sam was the one person that Tristan had allowed himself to get close to. But even Sam wasn’t aware of the secrets her best friend had been keeping. When Sam’s life was in jeopardy Tristan didn’t hesitate to protect her. Now that he’s gone, Sam will do whatever it takes to get him back.

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  Malice full sizeSamara Cavanaugh has grown up in a world filled with magic users. She’s used to bizarre and peculiar. But when a stranger checks in at The Bella Luna, the bed and breakfast her family owns, the strange occurrences in Granite Falls escalate. Many people are leery of Levi, their new guest. He claims to be in town doing research but Samara’s friends aren’t so sure that his claim is as innocuous as it appears to be. When two of her classmates disappear, her friends seem convinced Levi had a hand in it. Those closest to her have been keeping secrets from her. Those secrets put everyone close to her in danger. Suddenly, her unrequited crush on her best friend, Tristan becomes the least of her troubles.

On Sale for $.99 January 19th -31st Buy on Amazon


About the author:

Amity lives in beautiful northern Minnesota with her two sons, two cats and their Rottweiler. She has a degree in elementary education and worked in that field for ten years before deciding to self-publish. Her first self-published novel, Twisted, was listed by Amazon as a Top 100 Kids & Teens Kindle Book of 2012. It hit Amazon's Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance Best Sellers List in several countries. Truths and Dares held the #1 position on Amazon's Best Sellers in Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance eBooks in the UK. If she's not writing, or spending time with her boys, she's most likely reading

Find Amity on Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

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Review: Thundered Hearts by Rae Z. Rayns

Everyone knows the truth except her. Nineteen-year-old Beth lives in a world of Creek Indian myth, magic, and lies created by her family to keep her Power weakened. Spirit Walkers harness the elements. Storms brew spewing her electrical energy over her hometown. Weaved into her spiritual journey is her birthright, but her family and the Native American Mandate bars her from fulfilling the destiny set by The One Above. Lucien needs her help. She saved his life once before. But three years ago, her best friend stormed from her life, ridiculing her and leaving invisible gashes sliced into her heart. Persevering on the surface, she dreams of fighting the terror haunting her town and the man who stole and broke her heart. Her chance arises in the wake of The Green Corn Festival. Lucien arrives sick on her doorstep, but she isn’t a medicine woman. Despite the pain he causes her, she cannot let him die. Faced with the truth of her world, Beth must decide. Does she save the man she secretly loves to hate or does she fulfill her destiny?

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Beth is a lovable character, she is a spirit walker and finds difficulties in her town where everyone knows her and her family.  Lucien comes back in her life asking her help. He is sick and dying, Beth used to love Lucien, til he treated badly hurt her. Beth can't refuse hem help. Soon Beth is facing a difficult decision, will she picks the right direction? I liked the Native parts in it, there is a lot going on in the story, my mind was about to explode, but nevertheless, I liked the book 

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One Last Song Event & Preorder One Last Song by S. K. Falls

I was seven when I swallowed my first needle.

My mom freaked out and rushed me to the emergency room.

She stayed by my side all night.

I never wanted it to end.

When you spend your whole life feeling invisible-when your parents care more about deals and deadlines than they do about you-you find ways of making people take notice. Little things at first. Then bigger. It's scary how fast it grows. Then one day something happens that makes you want to stop. To get better. To be better. And for the first time, you understand what it's like to feel whole, happy . . . loved. For the first time, you love someone back.

For me, that someone was Drew.

Pre-order on Amazon

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About the author:

S.K. Falls likes to believe a degree in psychology qualifies her to emotionally torture her characters in an authentic fashion. Her books have won the gold medal in the 2014 IPPY awards, been featured on USA Today’s book blog, and regularly appear on Amazon’s various bestselling lists. When she isn’t writing her twisted love stories, she can be found gallivanting around Charleston, SC with her family.


 Hope to see you all there!!

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Author Blast

Five amazing authors have teamed up to bring you this fun contest. Check out their books and sign up for their newsletters.
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Survivor: Survivor - A Sanctuary Novella (Sanctuary Series Book 2) Cover Reveal and Pre-order


 *Novella companion to Sanctuary* Aliens have attacked and Rory's mother is missing, but none of that matters much to him. He's safe in his apartment complex, has his friends and his twin sister, Hailey. But as supplies start to dwindle, it becomes obvious that he needs to do something to make sure they all survive...even if it means he has to brave going outside through the Shisa and the zombies people have become. As long as they are safe, that's all that matters, right?

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Left Behind for the Hunger Games generation

In a heart-racing thriller described as Falling Skies meet The Walking Dead, Jennie struggles to find a safe place for what’s left of her family. But it seems as though there is no place sacred, no place secure. First the aliens attacked the sun, making it dimmer, weaker, and half what it used to be. Then they attacked the water supply, killing one-third of Earth’s population with a bitter contaminate. And when they unleash a new terror on humankind, the victims will wish for death, but will not find it… When the world shatters to pieces around her, will Jennie find the strength she needs to keep going?


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