Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Review: Goodnight Kisses by Wilhelmina Stolen

Fearing she carries her mother’s curse of marriage, nineteen-year-old Eleanor Mackenna swore never to vow herself into matrimonial bondage. Nuptials aren’t needed where true love is concerned. A concept she is sure a man like McCrea Coldiron would agree with. The town gossip has him pegged as a heart breaker, but Eleanor knows a different side to McCrea. And years of loving him without seeing his affection returned has made her desperate enough to ask him for advice on seducing a man. ??
McCrea isn’t proud of his reputation as a brawler and a womanizer. As a teenager the rumors were funny, now they may cost him the land he has worked so hard for. Chatty little Eleanor Mackenna has been chasing his spurs for years and ignoring her was easy to do until she grew up. A beautiful face and curves in all the right places made her hard to resist, and when his granddad lays down an ultimatum to make her his wife, McCrea
offers her a first class lesson in seduction.?
Their date ending in more than good night kisses was everything McCrea promised it would be, but his sudden withdraw, and cold reaction to her confession of love reveal his true motives. A business arrangement with

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Eleanor Mackenna is 19 years and has for years a crush on McCrea Coldiron but he has no interest in the friend of his younger sister. Till one day when he opens his eyes and realize that she is grown up and beautiful. His grandfather tells him that McCrea only can have the land he was promised, if he shows what he is worth and get married. McCrea furious makes a plan to get Eleanor to marry him for a year and then go separate ways and she get payed. Eleanor if very hurt and McCrea doesn't understand it was a good deal right? One that would help them both. Eleanor goes away not looking back and off to college.

The book is well written, the characters strong, McCrea only sees business which can cost him the sweetest girl. You will understand more about it when you read about his family, although his brother is a sweety. I hope there will be a follow up!

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