Friday, December 11, 2015

Review: Love & Justice by Rachel Mannino

Laurie Shelton is the only person alive swho can identify Hawaii’s most notorious mob boss…
After stumbling into a deadly kidnapping, Laurie’s life is in grave danger, and it falls to US Marshal Dante Stark to keep her safe until she testifies against Kaimi Quamboa—assuming he can be captured.
Dante knows he’ll lose his job if he becomes romantically involved with a witness…
But when he has to comfort her through constant nightmares, he finds it nearly impossible to fight his attraction to the beautiful, strong young woman he is sworn to protect. Laurie feels it too, but aware she’s in a high-stress situation and that when the danger is past she’ll never see Dante again, she tries to ignore his easygoing smile and the security he offers.
Laurie and Dante are forced to flee again…
When Kaimi’s men descend on their hideaway, they escape to a second safe house, only to be tracked down there as well. Dante now knows there’s a mole inside the US Marshal Service, and the only thing left to do is disappear.
Kaimi will never stop looking for Laurie, and if he’s caught, showing up to testify could be the last thing she ever does.
With each choice as dangerous as the next, Dante and Laurie must confront the boundaries of what they’re willing to sacrifice, and which is more important…
Love or Justice.

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My Review:

Laurie Shelton is the only person alive and willing to identify a MOB boss.
Dante Stark is an US Marshal ordered to keep her safe and alive.
Easier said then done, mobs let her go after being a witness? really ??

Besides that hard to believe part it was a good book, filled with twists and plots, I did enjoy the read, the author did well showing the danger when Kaimi's men come after them, the development of the characters, the book overall ends up really good.

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