Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: Kantara by Katy Wlters

KantaraCarol2l copyCan you see them? Do you fear them? Are they truly what they seem?
Crossed love, intrigue, suspense and terror, set against a canvas stretching over the centuries, from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the high rises of modern London.
Kantaramtep, Great Royal Queen of the first vampire family, is cast aside by her beloved Pharaoh. Over the centuries Kantara grows in power, yet no-one can replace her first love.
London, present day, she meets Darius, an enigmatic vampire. Despite Kantara’s reluctance, they join forces to quell an insurgence when trouble breaks out amongst the fledgling vampires.
The shocking truth they uncover threatens both the existence of mortals and the very nature of the vampire.

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Brand new series (?) I hope of Katy's hand, I so loved it again!
Kantara is a Queen from the Egyptian Pharaoh time line, she is one of the first families that came from space and settled on Earth. She is about 2000 years old. the story plays in England present time, where she meets Darius a playful vampire who does show her no respect at all, but there is something about him that pulls her towards him.
He and Kantara join his family when it appears  that  newly Vampire group is biting and mulating young humans and kill them, they plan a party to do more damage.
They get the job mostly done and safe 3 girls, they are made fang-kids means they are just turned.
If they get the evil new group to stop? while at it new HUGE trouble is round the corner and Kantara's fang daughter is in danger.

LOVED the book, I couldn't stop reading, characters are great. I love "rebel"  Darius. His family rocks too! it has nice twists to it some romance, and action very enjoyable, I hope more will follow!

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