Monday, September 8, 2014

Review" Death Marks by Katy Walters

Inspector Detective Dan Redd returns from an absence of leave with only one thing in mind – revenge for the brutal murders of his wife and child. The deranged killer is still loose, and Redd needs the contacts within the force to track him down. Due to police cuts in all departments Dan is faced with a skeletal force, with the profiling department closed. On top of that he’s lost his old partner and is faced with training in his new partner DS Dove.
He realizes within days; his immediate boss wants him gone – not just from the force but permanently. Called to the scene of a grisly murder, he suspects the worst kind of crime – ritual killing. Desperate, he calls in American forensic psychologist Tessa Davies, who tells him the mutilations on the bodies of the young couple, point to an ancient evil cult; the killers have just begun. Hell-bent on tracking down the perps’, he fights his attraction to her. Little does he realize the case will take him and his partner into the highest circles of the aristocracy and the police forces itself.
The body count is rising as Redd and his team race to save the lives of the intended victims – the clock is ticking, as Tessa disappears.

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My Review:

When Detective Dan Redd is called to a murder scene,  there is one important question "Where is the head?"  The case is screeching to an halt, then he hears about dr Tessa Davies, she tells him about a cult  who brutally mutilate bodies. With no end to the killings it is a race against the clock to catch them and unroll the cult, before it is to late.
Great book with lots of twists and strong characters I sat at s point on the edge of my chair, I had to read on and finish it, it is a absolute thrill and I hope Katy Walters will continue writing in this genre.

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  1. Hi Niki
    Thank you so much. I am so delighted you enjoyed the book. You have spurred me on to finish the present crime book I am writing. Katy Walters