Monday, June 3, 2013

Review: Blood and Sacrifice by Jessica Gibson

Book Description

 May 21, 2013
Bronwyn left everything behind when she left with Ronan. She became what he needed her to be and forgot the rest. Too bad the past won't stay in the past.

Rider bursts back into her life uninvited, and is not the man she remembers. There is an edge to him that was not there before. Bronwyn is torn by guilt over what he has become and anger at being blamed for it.

When Ronan ended his maker’s life, he inherited a line of vampires and a whole set of problems to go along with it. Bronwyn must decide if their love is worth it, worth the killing, and the constant disruption of their lives.

Is love enough? Can Bronwyn find herself again and strike a balance between who she wants to be and who Ronan needs her to be? Or will she lose herself all over again?

My Review:

Jessi did it again, another great new book.
Bronwyn who run off with Ronan and lives happily in Ireland, returned to the States, where she sees Rider again, but he is rogue, she does not recognize him.
He tells her he will keep on doimng this till she comes back to him. Bronwyn tells him that it will never happen and he needs to stop this ad go home.

Ronan is busy with his line of vampires and Bronwyn has to get use to that, She feels like she needs to chose when her friends are mad at her as well for what she "did" to Rider.
Will it all work out and will she be able to be happy again.
Buy the book and find out, it is worth it!

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